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Cre.Zi.Plus is a new community hub located at Pad.10 and 11 inside Cantieri Culturali alla Zisa –an industrial archaeological complex which previously was a furniture factory and belonged to a famous Palermitan businessman Vittorio Ducrot from 1890 to 1968; it also plays an important role in urban regeneration history of Palermo.

From the beginning, an ecosystem was launched among craftsmen, artists, and start-uppers with a common interest in supporting cultural production. Based on our main strategy of overtaking the incubator business concept, Cre.Zi.Plus is not just a working space but a community of networks where you can receive a strong support for your entrepreneurial project.
At Cre.Zi.Plus you can find more than just an office. Our aim is to create an hybrid and multi-functional space, to give you full of support such as business incubator, support for developing cultural organizations, network services, fab-lab, variety of workshops and education activities, conferences, seminars, co-working, workshops for textile micro-production and design, social kitchen, restaurant, cafeteria.

1. Collaborative incubator
Space and services allow supporting for organization development focusing on social improvement, cultural promotion and creativeness. Our services are designed to match the evolving needs of modern entrepreneurs. Cre.Zi.Plus incubators will benefit from the ad-hoc services which mean: day to day support from the Cre.Zi.Plus team, direct access to local experts, service providers, sponsors, mentors…
Being a part of the Cre.Zi.Plus community means to be a member of growing family including coworkers, organizations and proactive companies which interchange among themselves, sharing ideas to create new opportunities. In addition, your projects will have access to Cre.Zi.Plus public/private “call for projects” and will therefore benefit from a high quality visibility as well as potential new connections.

2. Social kitchen
Our bistro and cafeteria will be opened every day. In addition to being fully available to our community, our social kitchen will also a place where Cre.Zi.Plus members can research, share and produce everything relating to food, local products, alimentary education and ethical food choices. Food brings people together and it is a great way to share cultural values and inspirational ideas.
Through regular social or business events, the social kitchen will become a kitchen lab – a place where you will learn how to blend traditional flavors with innovative cuisine.

3. Co-working
Cre.Zi.Plus also provides its members with a newly restored co-working space in Palermo. These 500mq once filled with industrial furniture’s machines have been renovated to re-open doors to a collaborative work environment where different people (entrepreneurs, freelancers, designers, writers, web developers, marketing minds, account and project managers,..) can feel comfortable working on
their own project, while having the possibility of sharing, engaging and in essence, creating together with others.
With memberships suited to all needs, meeting facilities, a quickly filling agenda of events and workshops, and a very flexible mentality, Crezi.Plus working area aspires to become the new creative location for its members.
Space arrangement will adapt to the necessity of Crezi.Plus community and can be daily, weekly, monthly, also a longer period thus biannual o annual.

4. School projects
We never stop to foster creativeness and innovation. A non-formal educational methodology will be applied to offer you workshops, laboratories, social-cultural innovations, community building, city making, transmedia storytelling, design thinking. Themes and formats can be co-designed together with users by using a platform.
School projects are also a collaborative system that users can provide their ideas for workshops and our job is to bring them to reality after economic and logistic analysis.
In order to encourage community exchange, a database will be available with the history of participant’s training activities to facilitate the scouting of company/organization in research of human resource.

5. Sharing laboratory
A dedicated area will allow creative, manual and digital know-how.
Why sharing?
Equipment, tools, kits will be common goods of community. A designed application will allow members to facilitate connection with other collaborators.
Our members will have opportunities to experience new technologies related to transmedia storytelling, interactivities, and also artisan activities (dress maker, do-it-yourself)… In addition, there will be a series of products to be provided by our partners for experimental utility and functionality.

6. Slow cineport
We provide services for audio-visual and cinematographic productions such as logistic service, networking, equipment rental, scouting location… Materials and technological resources will be shared on community’s platform.
It will be “slow’’ because we are aimed at supporting medium to long-term projects that relevant to the territory of Palermo.
Thanks to the partnership with local Film Commission, training packages will be created to develop competencies of professionals and locals by involving experts on different sectors (photographic directors, casting directors, production manager, etc.)

7. Event spaces
An equipped area can adapt to various needs of social-cultural event’s organization. The preparation and promotion of events will be available on requests. Comfortable spaces immersed in a creative context will be at your disposal to organize conferences, meetings, presentations, reunions and also parties, performances, live shows, etc.

Cre.zi Plus è un progetto di tanti